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Rosarium Virginis Mariae
On The Most Holy Rosary
Apostolic Letter of
Pope John Paul II

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Vatican web site
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Rosary Crusade for
America and the World

It has been evident for years that the rights guaranteed by our Constitution were being eroded and that our role as moral leader of the world would end.
The attacks against religious freedom suddenly increased last year (2011) as politicians determined to split the opposition and score points with their followers.
We need the strength to hold on to our principals and fight for the freedom to practice our faith. We can and will get this strength through.prayer. more information

Rosary Rallies Blanket America on Oct. 13
In town squares across America and in 35 foreign countries, members and volunteers of America Needs Fatima held a record-breaking 8,000 Public Square Rosary Rallies on October 13, 2012.
The rallies celebrated the 95th anniversary of Mary's apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, and focus on the importance of prayer and conversion. more information

Family Rosary Crusade 2011
Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 12 Noon
At: San Francisco Civic Center Plaza
Who: Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R
The "Family Rosary Crusade 2011," was celebrated on October 15 at 12 noon in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza, commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Father Patrick Peyton's 1961 Rosary Rally. The 1961 event drew 550,000 people. It remains the largest gathering in the history of San Francisco. more information

May 13, 2011
Rosary crusade for World Youth Day
Several organizations are coming together to promote a campaign to unite people worldwide in praying the rosary for the success of World Youth Day.
Launched by Family Rosary International, it is not only for the young but also for people of all ages, everywhere.
Holy Cross Father James Phalan, director of Family Rosary International, said it is a simple call to people all over the world to join in prayer of the holy rosary for World Youth Day each Saturday from the beginning of May until the event, August 16-21 in Madrid.
source: ZENIT

World Youth Day 2011 – Madrid, Spain
August 16 – 21, 2011
"Planted and Build Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith." Saint Paul
Jornada Mundial de la Juventad 2011 en Madrid
World Youth Day is a great meeting of young people from all over the world gathered around the Vicar of Christ. It is one of the primary means by which the Church proclaims the message of Christ to young people. WYD is an evangelical endeavor in which the Church manifests its constant concern for youth: “All young people should feel cared for by the Church: to do so, the whole Church, in union with the Successor of Peter, must feel increasingly committed at the global level, in favor of youth to correspond to their expectations, communicating to them the certainty of Christ, the truth that is Christ, and the love that is Christ through adequate formation, which is a necessary and updated form of evangelization” (John Paul II, Address to the College of Cardinals, December 20, 1985).
Join Holy Cross Family Ministries at World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, for an enriching and uplifting faith experience.
For more information visit......


Family Rosary and Family Rosary International
Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) serves Jesus Christ and His Church throughout the world by promoting and supporting the spiritual well-being of the family by:
* Making the Rosary widely known
* Using media to share the Word of God
* Identifying the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the family
* Creating programs to address those needs
Holy Cross Family Ministries distribute more than 1 million rosaries each year.

518 Washington Street
North Easton, MA 02356-1200
Tel: (508) 238-4095
(800) 299-PRAY (7729)

World Wide Rosary Crusade
The goals of this crusade are as follows:
1. To mount a unified effort in building a global rosary chain on the 13th of each month in honor of our Blessed Mother's requests to pray the rosary for peace.
2. To build awareness of the power given to mankind through the use of the rosary.
3. To proliferate the use of this powerful weapon against evil.
In 1917, Jesus sent His Mother to Fatima, Portugal on the 13th day of consecutive months with pleas and warnings of what might happen if man did not turn back to God.
These events culminated on October 13th with one of the greatest documented miracles of modern times that was witnessed by literally tens of thousands of people. Our Blessed Mother's message was quite simple. Put Jesus back at the center of our lives. Ask for God's mercy. Make sacrifices and reparations for the ways man has offended God. And pray the rosary for peace!


The Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary
(An Archconfraternity)

A World-Wide Movement of Prayer Entrusted to the Dominican Order by the Holy See More than 500 Years Ago.

The Rosary Confraternity is a spiritual association (of the Catholic Church), the members of which strive to pray the entire Rosary during the course of each week. They form a union of countless hundreds of thousands of the faithful throughout the world who, along with their own intentions, include the intentions and needs of all its members, while they in turn pray for them.
Enroll in the Confraternity

The Rosary Center
PO Box 3617
Portland, OR 97208 USA
Next to the Holy Rosary Church

Our Lady's Rosary Crusade (OLRC) (and is the official website for Our Lady's Rosary Crusade (OLRC)-a non-profit organization, established in 1982, dedicated to flooding the world with the rosary prayer, because of its importance for the salvation of mankind. OLRC provides distinctive blue rosary beads (see below) and associated teaching literature to organizations and individuals interested in spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary.

To date, over seven and a half million "blue" rosaries have been distributed to prisons, missions, clinics, hospitals, schools, and shelters across the world (including into nations hostile into religious organizations). OLRC is completely led and operated by volunteers, there is no paid staff. All donations are used for manufacturing and distributing blue rosaries and printed materials.

Our Lady's Rosary Crusade
P.O. Box 9945
San Jose, CA 95157

National Rosary Crusade to Save America
Why a Rosary Crusade is Necessary
We believe we are in a time of deep dark and desperate spiritual crisis as a country. The battle is raging and St. Paul states it best in Eph. 6:12; "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." St. Paul tells us to put on the armor of God to win the battle. We believe that the rosary; the summary of the gospel, is that armor for us today. more:
With our government pushing and funding Abortion; we have over 3000 innocent babies killed daily in their mothers' wombs. We have our own "Slaughter of the Innocents".
With marriages under attack daily from legislation, we see state after state accepting same sex marriage.
With assisted suicide legalized now in some of our Nation and other states pushing for the same so-called rights to "Mercy Killing" for the sick and elderly.
With daily attacks by courts and pressure to eliminate any mention of God in our public schools, even to taking the "under God" out of the pledge.
With "hate crime" legislation being pushed it may be a crime to speak against these immoral laws.

About the crusade:

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