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Examination of Conscience for Adults

I - I am the Lord thy God. You shall not have strange gods before Me.

Have I denied or seriously doubted the existence of God?
Have I denied my Catholic faith or parts of it?
Have I refused to believe in articles of Catholic faith, such as the Church's teachings on abortion, contraception, embryonic stem cell and other areas of faith and morals?
Have I fallen into the sin of indifferentism that is, the notion one religion is as good as another?
Have I seen the Catholic Church as merely one of many Christian religions and not as the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ?
Have I ever been ashamed of or denied my faith or failed to support Church teaching?
Have I gone to non-Catholic services where there was not "reasonable grounds" to do. A
"reasonable grounds" could mean such as going to a family member or friends wedding, funeral or attending an ecumenical service (these are acceptable.) In any case do not receive communion.
Have I received communion at a Protestant service? You cannot do so.
Have I ever denied the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church?
Did I abuse the Sacrament of Penance by deliberately not confessing grave mortal sin or only confessing the "important sins" while leaving out the "small ones," thus not allowing for an integral confession.
Have I committed the sin of presumption by taking for granted that I will go to heaven without going to confession or receiving Holy Communion or attending Sunday Holy Mass.?
Have I despaired of God's mercy not believing that God will forgive me in the Sacrament of Confession?
Have I murmured or complained against God?
Have I practiced various forms of superstition: going to fortune tellers, mediums, use ouija boards, tarot cards, lucky numbers, planning life by horoscopes, astrology, occult practices, witchcraft, magic claim psychic powers, sacrilege, attendance at false worship, and tempting God?
Have I placed belief in any form of reincarnation?
Have I gone to sťances to contact the dead for any reason? Do I Doubt God's love for me?
Do I encourage spiritual Doubt in others?
Have I boasted of sin to others?
Have I let love of material goods, physical pleasures or personal status determines my life's choices?
Do I believe I do not need God?
Do I believe I must earn God's love?
Am I angry with God? Why?
Do I pray daily and regularly?
Have I broken promises or vows to God?
Do I try to develop my conscience through prayer, learning my faith and good questioning?
Do I go to confession at least once a year?

II - You shall not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain

Have I blasphemed God, the Church, saints, sacred places or sacred things?
Have I used the Name of God thoughtlessly in profane language, cursing or used His Holy and Blessed Name as an expression?
Have I used the Holy Name of Jesus in vain, as a curse word or as an expression in a thoughtless way?
Have I deliberately and knowingly spit in, chewed gum in, littered or acted irreverent in the Real Presence of Christ in Church?
Are my interior thoughts, and exterior words and actions respectful and reverential of the Real Presence of Jesus (God) in Church, can my conversations with other people after Mass wait until after I get out of Church, since others are trying to pray?
Have I deliberately and knowingly attended films, listened to music, watch TV shows or music videos that treat our Lord, His Mother or the Church in a blasphemous or frivolous way?
Have I made a promise in God's Name without the strong intention of keeping it?
Have I used the Holy Name of God (Jesus) to coerce others to do my will?
Have I sworn a false oath, lied, or used God's Holy Name to prove sincerity? For example "I swear to God it's true."

III - Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

Have I attended Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation (serious illness is excused)?
Have I gone to Church for some purpose other than worship of God (for example meeting people, looking good to our neighbors)?
Did I let myself deliberately become distracted at Holy Mass?
Was I attentive to all parts of the Mass, including listening to the Word of God, participation at responses and singing?
Have I deliberately and consistently been coming in late for Mass and/or leaving early without good reason (emergencies)
Have I dressed immodestly or irreverently At Holy Mass forgetting I was in the Holy Presence of God?
Did I deliberately receive Holy Communion with unclean hands (lack of exterior preparation before Holy Mass?)
Have I consciously received the Sacraments of Confirmation, Holy Communion, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders or Holy Matrimony in a state of grave mortal sin? (Lack of interior spiritual preparation before receiving the Holy Sacraments)
If acting as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion have I knowingly and deliberately given Holy Communion to a non-catholic?
Did I perform unnecessary servile work or participate in unnecessary public buying on Sunday?
Did I try to keep Sunday as a day of rest (physical/emotional) for me and those I am responsible for?
Do I deliberately not want to spend time with family members on Sunday?
Do I participate in my Catholic community and bring support, encouragement, and strength to God's Church?
Do I allow myself time for reflection, restoration, and growth in the spiritual life?

IV - Honor thy Mother and Father

Have I fulfilled my obligations toward my parents and guardians, especially in their advanced years by showing them love, kindness, respect, compassion and mercy, (if alive), and if deceased, Have I prayed for the repose of their souls and visited their grave site (if possible) lately?
Have I been respectfully obedient to those who are legitimate authorities in my life?
Have I neglected my family responsibilities to my spouse and children, including spiritual responsibilities of rearing them in the catholic faith?
Is my life centered on Christ and all His teachings?
Do I pray for my parents, grandparents, guardians: living and deceased?
Am I respectful of all my family members recognizing the bond we share?
Am I holding a grudge against a family member?
Have I asked Jesus to help me to forgive them?
Am I conscientious regarding my duties as a citizen, including praying for public officials?
Do I support laws, public policies and candidates who strengthen the family and support the Church teachings?
Am I respectful of all persons, no matter how close or distant the relationship?
Am I respectful of others while I am driving and obey all the driving and parking laws to safeguard human life, including my own?

V - Thou shall not kill

Have I deliberately harmed anyone physically or emotionally with my words or actions?
Have I had an abortion or encouraged someone else (by my words or actions like providing money) to Have an abortion?
Am I using any form of artificial contraception or encouraging others to do so?
Am I using the "pill" for "medical reasons?" In which case I understand I Have to abstain from sexual relations while on said "pill?"
Have I bad mouthed or discouraged others from using Natural Family Planning?
Have I given financial support to Planned Parenthood?
Have I willingly and deliberately voted for candidates I knew supported anti-life stands such as abortion?
Have I mutilated myself through any form of direct sterilization or encouraged others to do so?
Have I resorted to Artificial Insemination to have a child or encouraged others to do so?
Have I participated or funded companies that support Infanticide (killing of children) or encouraged others to do so?
Have I participated in Euthanasia (killing of the elderly) or encouraged others to do so?
Have I directly supported Embryonic Stem Cell research or encouraged others to do so?
Have I supported any politician or given any money or verbal support to any organization or movement that supports: abortion, embryonic stem cell research, infanticide, euthanasia or invitro-fertilization thereby offering indirect support to these causes?
Have I done anything to advance the culture of death and violence against humanity?
Have I given any support to advance the culture of life, tolerance and peace for humanity or have I relied on others to do so?
Have I been part of or supported organized crime?
Have I harbored hatred, anger, bitterness or resentment in my heart towards anyone?
Have I given scandal to anyone by my sins, thereby leading them to sin?
Have I endangered the safety of others through the abuse of alcohol, drugs or through the reckless use of a vehicle?
Have I respected my own health and avoid excesses of physical neglect or obsession?
Have I entertained thoughts of suicide or encouraged others to do so?
Have I deliberately caused others to live in subhuman living conditions, caused arbitrary imprisonment, encouraged others to deal in slavery, prostitution, selling of women and children, or deliberately create dangerous working conditions for others?

VI - Thou shall not commit adultery

Have I deliberately viewed pornographic magazines, videos, Internet websites or listened to music with pornographic lyrics or had "phone sex"?
Have I committed the sin of masturbation?
Have I engaged in prostitution of any kind or the promotion thereof?
Do I dress immodestly desiring attention from other people?
Have I engaged in any sexual activity with someone other than my legal spouse?
Have I engaged in any form of premarital sex?
Have I used any form of artificial contraception?
Do I accept the (value of chastity and celibacy out of marriage) and (chastity within marriage)?
Do I respect the sanctity of true marriage as given to us by Almighty God between a man and a woman?
Have I encouraged others to be drawn away from the Catholic understanding of marital commitment?
Have I been unfaithful to my marriage vows in action or thought?
Have I engaged in any form of sexual activity with a member of the same sex?
Have I engaged in an inappropriate relationship or encouraged others to do so?
Am I living with someone before marriage?
As a catholic am I keeping company with someone who I do not intend to marry in the Church?

VII - Thou shall not steal

Have I taken what is materially not mine?
Have I stolen anyone else's ideas for something, somehow profited from it, without giving them due credit or compensation?
Am I underpaying my employees or not paying them just wages?
As a public official have I lived up to being a person of good character and integrity?
Have I accepted bribes or graft (the misuse of one's position, or power to gain favor for oneself, family or friends)?
Have I accepted stolen property?
Have I committed fraud, cheated or violated a contract? Am I honest with my employer or employees?
Do I promote fair labor practices and just compensation for workers?
Do I gamble excessively, thereby robbing my family of their needs?
Do I seek to share what I Have with the poor and needy?
How Have I treated the hungry and homeless? Have I at least kept them in my prayers?'
Do I show respect to the natural world and make efforts to conserve its resources for future generations?

VIII - Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Have I lied, gossiped about or spoken bad of another person?
Have I deliberately attempted to ruin another person's reputation by telling ties about them (sin of calumny)?
Have I deliberately attempted to ruin another person's reputation by telling truths about them that were unknown to others (sin of detraction)?
Have I revealed information that should have been kept confidential?
Have I violated the oath of professional secrecy or confidentiality in the workplace?
Am I sincere in my dealings with others or am I "two faced?"
Have I committed perjury by lying under oath?
Do I discuss the affairs of others?
Have I allowed another person to continue doing something wrong knowing that they are hurting others?
Have I rash judged other people without getting to know them or the situation?
Am I critical in my thoughts of others?
Have I had contemptuous speech toward other people?
Have I screamed at others, argued with them, had fights with others and been unjustifiably angry with others?
Have I encouraged others to reject the goodness of someone?
Have I ridiculed and insulted others?
Have I been prejudiced against others based on race, ethnicity, religion, language, gender or economics in thought, word or deed?
Have I done damage in my parish by spreading rumors, talking about people behind their back or gossiped thereby hurting the ministry of others?
Have I ridiculed or humiliated others?
Do I forgive from the heart those who hurt me?
Do I treat others the way I want to be treated with love, mercy and compassion?

IX - Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife

Do I lust after the spouse of another?
Am I envious of another's spouse or family?
Do I express lustful thoughts in the company of others?
Have I consented to impure thoughts of another's spouse?
Do I try to control my imagination? With prayer?
Am I placing myself in an occasion of sin by being with someone with whom I am attracted to besides my spouse?
Am I careless about where I look, what I say, and what I do regarding sexual behavior?
Do I use sexualized speech?
Do I use pornography?
Have I failed to protect the sexual innocence of children?
Do I use sexual activity as a cure for loneliness?
Do I appreciate the dignity of every human person?
Do I see the value of my own sexual integrity?

X - Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods

Am I envious of the possessions, abilities, talents, beauty or success of others?
Am I jealous of anyone?
Do I respect the rights, responsibilities, authority and obligations of others?
Have I planned or desired to possess or destroy another persons goods?
Am I angry, resentful or bitter over my position in life?
Am I greedy, desiring more than I need?
Do I desire to amass wealth and possessions without limit?
Do I wish harm or failure to someone who is more "successful" than me?
Have I caused tension or disagreement by insisting unreasonably on receiving a certain portion goods "I deserve"?
Do I seek worldly power, fame and wealth above the Heavenly wealth given by God?
Am I jealous of others spiritual gifts or holiness?


Resources used:
Guide to Confession. Knights of Columbus 2000
Contemporary Adult Guide to Conscience by Fr. Richard Rego, 1990 Leaflet Missal Co.
Basic Helps to Confession by Fr. Bill Murphy, 2000 Daughters of St. Paul.
The Ten Commandments by the Holy Wounds Apostolate, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
A Primer for Confession by Fr. Frederick L. Miller, Faith Guild St. Martin dePorres. Lay Dominican Community, pamphlet 44005

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