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Examination of Conscience for Children

I - I am the Lord thy God. You shall not have strange gods before me.

Do I deny or Doubt God's existence?
Do I believe in the teachings of the Church as far as I have learned them?
Do my actions show that I love God and others?
Do my words show that I respect God, myself and others?
Do I use or believe in horoscopes, fortune tellers, good luck charms, ouji boards?
Do I say my prayers everyday, especially in the morning, evening, and before meals?

II - You shall not take the Name of the Lord in vain

Did I blaspheme God or take His Holy Name in vain?
Did I use the Holy Name of Jesus or Mary in vain or as an expression rather than with love and respect?

III - Keep Holy the Sabbath Day (Sunday)

Did I go to Holy Catholic Mass on Saturday Night or Sunday and Holy Days of obligation?
Was I respectful in Church during Mass and in the Church before and after Mass respecting God's Holy Presence in the Blessed Sacrament?
Did I pay attention to the Mass or Did I allow myself to constantly get distracted by people around me?
Did I chew gum during Holy Mass, was I talking or joking around during Holy Mass?
Did I pray before and after Mass thanking God for my life, my family and anything else I should be thankful for?
Have I gone to confession at least once a year?
Did I deliberately lie or hide something from the priest in a confession?
Did I was clean my hands before receiving Holy Communion?

IV - Honor thy Mother and Father

Do I obey my parents and teachers? Did I disobey, disrespect, talk back to or speak nasty with my parents, teachers or superiors?
Do I follow the rules at home and in school?
Did I neglect any of my duties at home or school?
Did I Do my homework, pay attention in class and Do my own work?
Did I copy from anyone else's homework or test papers?
Was I impatient, unjustifiably angry, jealous, envious, proud, revengeful, lazy or hurtful towards others at home or school?

V - Thou shall not kill

Do I care for my health?
Do I try to avoid fighting or hurting other people?
Did I physically injure or kill anyone?
Did I ever try to physically harm myself?

VI - Thou shall not commit adultery

Do I respect other people and their bodies?
Do I respect myself and my body?
Am I modest in the way I talk, dress and act?
Do I avoid books, movies, music videos, TV shows, music and internet websites that are violent, bad or immodest?

VII - Thou shall not steal

Do I take care of my own property?
Do I respect the things that belong to others or do I take them without asking?
Do I avoid cheating in school?
Have I taken something from someone else (that did not belong to me) without asking their permission?

VIII - Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

Do I tell the truth at all times?
Do I gossip about others or say bad things about them?
Do I tease people and call them names?
Do I deliberately exclude others from games at home or in school to hurt them?
Was I uncharitable in my words or actions toward others?

IX - You shall not covet (desire) your neighbor's wife

Do I show love for my family members?
Am I jealous of my brothers and sisters or friends?

X - You shall not covet (desire) your neighbor's goods?

Am I satisfied with what I have or do I always seem to want more things?
Am I asking my family to buy me stuff they cannot afford and complaining about it?
Do I share my toys or things with others to play with?
Do I take care of the world's resources or do I waste them unnecessarily?


Resources used:
Guide to Confession. Knights of Columbus 2000
Contemporary Adult Guide to Conscience by Fr. Richard Rego, 1990 Leaflet Missal Co.
Basic Helps to Confession by Fr. Bill Murphy, 2000 Daughters of St. Paul.
The Ten Commandments by the Holy Wounds Apostolate, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
A Primer for Confession by Fr. Frederick L. Miller, Faith Guild St. Martin dePorres. Lay Dominican Community, pamphlet 44005

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